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Markets Strategy Group

Agendas are available here usually 3-4 days prior to a meeting. Minutes of the meeting are usually available once they have been ratified at the following meeting. Future meeting dates are shown in the box below.

Where documents are shown as Draft, they may be subject to change.


30 November Notes of Meeting

16 November Notes of Meeting

09 November Notes of Meeting

4 November Notes of Meeting Agenda

30 October Notes of Meeting Agenda

26 October Notes of Meeting Agenda

21 October Notes of Meeting Agenda

12 October Notes of Meeting

28 September Notes of Meeting Agenda

21 September Notes of Meeting Agenda

14 September Notes of Meeting   Agenda

21 August Notes of meeting Agenda

17 August  Notes of meeting Agenda

10 August - Notes of meeting Agenda

3 August - Notes of meeting Agenda

20 July - Notes of Meeting   Agenda

13 July - Notes of Meeting   Agenda

6 July - Notes of Meeting           Agenda

29 June - Notes of Meeting  Agenda            

22 June - Notes of Meeting 1      Agenda

22 June - Notes of Meeting 2 

15 June Notes of Meeting        Agenda

17 February - Notes of Meeting     Agenda

20 January - Notes of Meeting      Agenda


16 December - AgendaMinutes

18 November - AgendaMinutes

21 OctoberAgenda | Minutes

Minutes of meetings prior to 2019 are not available on the website, but you can request a copy from the Town Council office using the contact details below.


Meeting Calendar

The calendar of planned meetings for the committee in 2020/21 is as follows 





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