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The Mayorís Welcome



On May 14th I was elected as Mayor of Downham Market. My wife, Jean, is the Mayoress. We consider this a great honour, and will do our utmost to push Downham Market forward.

We have lived in Downham Market for ten years having moved from Hertfordshire because of family ties. When I lived in Hertfordshire I served on the Local Council for four years. I have been a Councillor in Downham Market for four years and have served on various committees.

My last year has been as Chairman of the Town Hall Committee and we have worked very hard to maintain the building as it should be. We obtained a grant for the lift in the Town Hall and this should be in place by the end of 2013, making the whole building accessible, at the same time the toilets, on the upper floor, will be upgraded.

We now have great plans to upgrade the Jubilee Centre, this will be done as funds become available.

With new members of staff working with the Town Clerk, Mrs Jean Markwell, we are now stronger than ever as a Council.

I would like to thank Robin Pegg for all his hard work in his Mayoral year and all the Councillors who are responsible for the Wonderful Events that take place thoughout the year.

In a recent radio interview I was asked why Downham Market made such a thing about St Georgeís Day. The comments were that other towns don't - I suggested that perhaps Downham Market leads the way once again.


Councillor David J Sharman

Mayor of Downham Market
2013 - 2014





Mayor D and J Sharman


Downham Marketís Mayor and Mayoress Cllr David Sharman and his wife Jean


Mayor & Deputy 2013.JPG (222930 bytes)


Downham Marketís  Mayor & Mayoress Cllr David Sharman and Deputy Mayor & Deputy Mayoress Cllr John Doyle


  Downham Market Town Council

15 Paradise Road

Downham Market


PE38 9HS

Tel  01366 387770

General Email info@downhammarkettc.co.uk

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Open to the public
Daily 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
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Cllr D Sharman

  Deputy Mayor

Cllr J Doyle

Town Clerk

Mrs Jean Markwell


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