Planning Committee

Please note: Full Council, Committees and Strategy Groups will be meeting for the time being via the Zoom conference app.  Details of how to join the meeting as a member of the public are on the relevant agendas.


Agendas are available here usually 3-4 days prior to a meeting. Minutes of the meeting are usually available once they have been ratified at the following meeting. Future meeting dates are shown in the box below.


11 Feb                                              Agenda |Minutes 

7 Jan                                                Agenda |Minutes 


3 Dec                                              Agenda | Minutes 

 5 Nov                                             Agenda |Minutes 

1 Oct                                              Agenda  |Minutes 

3 Sep                                              Agenda |  Minutes 

21 August                                        Agenda | Minutes 

6 August                                          Agenda |Minutes 

17 July 2019                                   Agenda | Minutes 

2 July                                              Agenda |Minutes

4 June                                             Agenda  |Minutes

23 May                                          Agenda | Minutes
17 April                                          Agenda | Minutes

5 March                                                        Minutes

5 February                                                    Minutes

9 January                                                      Minutes  

23 January                                                    Minutes



Minutes of meetings prior to 2019 are not available on the website, but you can request a copy from the Town Council office using the contact details below.

Meeting Calendar

The calendar of planned meetings for the committee in 2019/20 is as follows (the first date in the month is a 'Mini Planning' committee; the latter date is full committee):


6 & 21 August

3 & 18 September

1 & 16 October

5 & 20 November

3 & 18 December


14 January

11 February

10 March

14 April

12 May

What is the Planning Committee?


The responsibilities of the committee are:


  1. Each application may receive a site visit by one or more members with a camera where appropriate.

  2. Members to receive formal instruction and support as required.

  3. Two-way representation with ‘Downham by Design’ and other outside bodies. Their attendance at meetings should be encouraged.

  4. Regular formal meetings with Borough and County Councillors and Borough Planning Officers.

  5. Dialogue with residents to be encouraged.

  6. A Neighbourhood Plan is being developed.

  7. Early conversations with developers are desirable.

  8. Special reference to Community Infrastructure Levy matters or any subsequent legislation.

  9. When a planning application is considered to be “Major” (../FM) the Chair ofPlanning and Environmental should request that the Full Council should consider this application at the next Full Council Meeting or, if time for response is short, at an Extraordinary Council Meeting.

Local Development Framework
A Sub Committee to work on and seek to influence the Local Development Framework.


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