West Norfolk Business Small Grant Scheme FAQs

Sunday, 16 May 2021



West Norfolk Business Small Grant Scheme 

Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk 


(May 2021) 



The scheme will provide support to businesses that are located within the boundaries of the 

Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, that have been severely impacted by

COVID-19 and restrictions and are looking at ways to recover and strengthen their business


There is a limited pot of funding available to support companies, so we are looking for

businesses to bring forward investment projects that will have a significant impact on their

business, and grant applications will be considered on “first-come, first-served” basis.

Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate 1) how they have been severely impacted

by COVID-19, 2) what they need to invest in and 3) how this will enable them to respond to

the impact.

The grants must be paid out by 30 June 2021 so we are looking for projects that are ready to

proceed immediately and are not dependent on planning or any other permissions and delivery

or completion dates can be confirmed.

In addition, the Grant may be able to recompense for eligible costs incurred after 22 February


This discretionary scheme includes help for businesses which, while not legally forced to

close, are nonetheless severely impacted by the restrictions put in place to control the

spread of Covid-19. This includes businesses which supply the retail, hospitality, and leisure

sectors, and businesses in the events sector. 

We'll also consider businesses outside the business rates system, which are effectively

forced to close or can demonstrate their income and business activity has been impacted by

the restrictions, including market traders, self-employed people and home workers. 

We've prioritised support for businesses with significant operations in or supplying the

following sectors: 

o Hospitality, tourism 

o Leisure, venues, events and cultural activities 

o Supply chains relating to businesses that have been forced to close 

o Businesses/sole traders outside of the business rate system 

o Businesses that are not required to close but have been severely impacted by the

restrictions on socialising 

What will the scheme pay for?

Up to 75% grant towards capital and revenue costs involved in resilience and future recovery

of businesses. 

Grants between £2,500 up to a maximum of £25,000 are available.

Support Provided

The scheme provides support to assist companies during the challenging business

environment facing many sectors as a result of the restrictions following the Covid-19


You will need to convince us there is a case for using grant funding to support your project,

for example by:

o Demonstrating that there is a direct link between the impact of the restrictions 

and the proposed activity.

o Identifying how COVID-19 and restrictions have impacted your business, what

services and/or goods you are planning to purchase.

o Identifying what impact this grant support would have on your business to

mitigate/ rectify the damage caused.


To be eligible for grant funding, applicants must meet the following essential criteria: 

o The company must be registered in the UK. 

o Applicants must be an SME (employ less than 250 people and your turnover is

less than EUR 50m or annual balance sheet less than EUR 43m).

o Be a trading enterprise.

o Be based within the boundaries of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West


o Must not be a company in liquidation, dissolved, struck off or subject to a strikingoff


o We will not be able to help you if your business falls into one of the following

sectors: primary agriculture (including processing and marketing of agricultural

products), horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, coal, steel and


Costs could include but are not limited to:

o Premises (construction and/or extension)

o Premises (purchase) 

o Plant and machinery, 

o Commercial vehicles.

o Fixtures and fittings.

o Social distancing measures, but only if the Covid impact is severe and capital

works were not already planned. 

o 1-2-1 specialist advice to address your immediate needs in response to the

impact of COVID-19, e.g. HR, accountants, legal, financial, H&S, IT / digital or

sector specialists etc.  

this could also include supporting you with productivity 

improvements such as enhanced use of digital tools, such as yield management

software, mentoring, networking, or other measures.  It could also support to

develop innovative delivery in a socially distanced economy.


We cannot help with all business costs and here are some examples that cannot be included:

What we cannot fund: 

o Wage subsidies, cashflow, buying stock

o Expenditure on continuous or periodic activity, routine tax consultancy,

regular legal services or advertising, or costs to comply to statutory


o non-business expenditure

o The replacement of items and consumables including laptops and software;

o Land purchase. 

o VAT, unless this cannot be recovered.

o Repeat applications, including from linked companies.

Important Notes

o The minimum individual invoice value to be £250.

o Maximum number of invoices should not exceed five.

The remainder of the funding for the project must come from private sources, e.g. company

funds and or private investment.  

Please note that all project expenditure must be seen to be paid directly from your business

bank account.  

The use of cash, credit card, or asset finance to make purchases is not normally accepted,

but may be considered under exceptional circumstances. 

Maximum Level of Subsidy 

The business must not have exceeded the combined Small Amounts of Financial Assistance

Allowance and COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance threshold of £1,935,000. 

Please note, grants are awarded on a discretionary basis and are subject to eligibility

checks and approval.




You should submit your completed application to your adviser who will be in touch with you

and we will start processing it. We will undertake a detailed assessment of your proposal

based on the Application Form and the supporting information that you provide. At the

application stage you will not be required to provide any procurement evidence such as


You may however be asked for additional information during this process, to enable an

assessment of, for example, eligibility, financial viability etc.

Once assessment of your grant application has been completed, the document along with a

relevant report will be submitted to a Panel who will take a final decision on your proposed


The grant decision will be relayed to you at the earliest opportunity. Please be aware, full

compliance with the eligibility criteria does not guarantee that your application will be

successful, as grants are discretionary, and there is no right of appeal against the grant

decision.  If your grant application is rejected, an explanation will be provided. 


If your grant is approved, you will be issued with a formal Offer Letter that will include

information about your grant offer and eligible project costs, conditions of the offer and

information on how to claim the grant.

You must use your business bank account to make the payment. The use of cash, credit

card, or asset finance to make purchases is not normally accepted, but may be considered

under exceptional circumstances.

To claim your grant, you will need to submit a Claim Form and provide supporting

documentary evidence:

o Copies of invoices and bank statements of the applicant business confirming

the fully completed purchase and payment.

o documents must be certified as true copies of the original documents, dated,

and signed.

Please note, you are allowed to make only one claim for the whole grant value after you

have spent all the planned project costs.

We reserve the right to visit any grant recipient to ensure the grant has been used for the

purpose stated in the Grant Agreement, inspect records to show that costs have been

evidenced and make a formal assessment of the impact of the project. Grant recipients are

obliged to cooperate with this process.


Businesses wishing to apply for support should first contact the New Anglia Growth Hub on

0300 333 6536 or email growthhub@newangliagrowthhub.co.uk  

Our expert Business Growth Advisers will work with you to develop an action plan and

complete your application. 

Please note, the services of the Growth Hub are free and impartial. 

West Norfolk Business Small Grant Scheme FAQs