Monday, 20 April 2020

The local housing outreach team is urgently looking for temporary accommodation and safe spaces for members of our community who have no fixed abode during this lockdown period.

During this time of national lockdown and diminished services available, the vulnerable need access to our resources and shelter more than ever. Although the government’s guidance state that hotels, hostels and B&Bs should close as part of measures introduced to tackle the spread of coronavirus, it exempts those accommodating homeless people or key workers, which it said should remain open.

Can you help?

The locations for such emergency accommodation can be anywhere in the west Norfolk area, the accommodation can be of any type (a hotel for example) that is ideally able to immediately accommodate several people, but the situation is approached on a case-by-case basis, with support available to you.

You may feel that you can possibly help, but are perhaps not sure – please do contact the outreach team regardless as soon as you can. You may know someone else who could help the most vulnerable members of our community with shelter – please do forward this email on to them with urgency.

The team can be contacted via the contact details below, or simply reply to this email and west Norfolk tourism will forward your details on to them:

Email Housing Strategy Team: Nikki Patton ( nikki.patton@west-norfolk.gov.uk )
Or Duncan Hall ( duncan.hall@west-norfolk.gov.uk)
Phone:  01553 616200 / 01553 616601

Many thanks.

Sent on behalf of the West Norfolk Housing Strategy Team
by Visit West Norfolk