Town Hall

Friday, 11 February 2022

After so long, during lockdown and being used as a vaccination centre, the Town Hall returns to Community use after the 1st March.

Bookings are already being taken, so please contact the Town Council offices if you wish to use the Town Hall as a venue.

Although we have not been able to use the Town Hall "things" have been happening behind the scenes: Before it became a vaccination centre a complete rewiring and redecoration took place and plans are in place to get funding for a complete refurbishment.

Some of you may remember a survey which took place last year, this survey offered many ideas and thoughts on how the Town Hall could be utilized in the future and these ideas are also being considered and possible implementations thought through.

Funding has been earmarked to employ a professional heritage architect. Their brief will be twofold; to look at how the Town Hall can be developed as a multi-purpose venue to serve our cultural and community needs, and also how to renovate the building and enhance the historical features which over the years have become hidden or lost.

In the meantime, starting on 17th. March, Community Cinema will become a regular event, the Annual Town Meeting should be held during April and we will again have a venue for Town Council meetings on a regular basis.

Covid allowing, the future is bright!

Cllr Jenny Groom

Chair of the Town Hall Strategy Group

Town Hall