Questions to Council

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

  • Proper access to Cllrs viewing public records on demand

Access to records is available and the process has been outlined to you on several occasions.  Due to the time in organizing/retrieving information it would be appreciated when arrangements are made people show up.  As we have had a recent experience where records were made available to a Cllr at a mutually agreed time and said Cllr failed to turn up.

  • Breakdown of payments to Hawkins Ryan over the last 6 months on a matter-by-matter basis especially matter 0015 including the authorization by FC

There have been no payments to Hawkins Ryan Solicitor this financial year (2021/2022).

We presume 0015 is a voucher number you are referring to and this is for the NAMBA subscription

  • Why is the Council not abiding by the Ledbury judgement?

We assume you are referring to the confidential minutes of Full Council, and due to your involvement, we are unable to discuss this further

  • Where is the minute reference that authorized the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to make public statements on behalf of DMTC?

You are aware that as Mayor and Deputy Mayor statements are frequently made for information and clarification.

  • Why is the Deputy Mayor doing the work of the Clerk?

I am unaware of what work the Deputy Mayor is undertaking on behalf of the Clerk

  • When will the offer of mediation from Cllr Stuart Dark appear on the website?

Cllr Dark is not offering mediation the BCKLWN is offering to financially support the process if we choose to take it forward.

  • Gross and net revenue from the NHS for the Town Hall

In 2020/2021 the income was £1,000 Net / £1,200 Gross.  This covered their occupancy in February 2021 & March 2021.

In 2021/2022 the income so far is £3,000.00 Net / £3,600 Gross.  This covers their occupancy from April 2021 – September 2021.

The NHS have been invoiced for a further £1,000 Net / £1,600 Gross covering October 2021 & November 2021.  Payment is outstanding however it is not overdue.

Total income 2020/2021 & 2021/2022 so far is £4,000 Net / £4,800 Gross covering February 2021 – September 2021.

Assuming the NHS remain onsite until March 2022 income is expected in totality to be £6,500 Net / £7,800 Gross.

Questions to Council