Message from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Thursday, 17 December 2020

To the Downham Market community

As we approach The Season of Good Will and the start of a New Year we would like to take this opportunity as Mayor and Deputy Mayor to pay tribute to the hard work of our fellow Town councillors and Town Council Employees during what has been an extremely unusual, sometimes frightening and very difficult time.

During this time, we have also been supported and helped by countless members of our Downham Market community as well. As Deputy Mayor, I have been shielding a family member since March and I experienced at a very personal level how we all came together to help each other.

Who would have thought that Downham Market Town Council would have had a slot on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC 2 to discuss, among other things, the wearing and making of face masks! Who would have thought that following a discussion with one of our Town Councillor’s Jeremy Vine would comment that Downham Market should rule the country!

It is therefore a great sadness to us that we have to advise you that yesterday two of our Councillors have been placed in a position where they felt that their only option was to resign from the Council.

This upsetting decision was forced on them after the persistent verbally aggressive, inaccurate, cruel and bullying nature of Facebook comments during the last months.

Facebook discussions and posts have become a part of present day communication, especially during this time of social isolation; when speaking face to face we are probably all guilty of saying something inappropriate, but we would urge all those who use social media to be really mindful of the very real impact of the written word. Once down in black and white and read by many the damage is done, the hurt and distress is very real.

We may not always agree with other people's opinions, but they have a right to their opinions and shared ideas which can be discussed thoughtfully often result in wonderful, shared outcomes.

On behalf of the Town Council we take this opportunity to thank our two former Councillors for their hard work and massive contribution to the Downham Market Community.

At this very strange time we wish you all the very best that the Season of Goodwill has to offer!

Cllr Becky Hayes                                     Cllr Jenny Groom

Mayor                                                     Deputy Mayor 

Downham Market Town Council     Downham Market Town Council

Message from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor