Mayor's Statement - Van On The Market Entrance

Friday, 10 December 2021

Various Social Media comments have been passed to me regarding the parking and positioning of a van at the entrance to our Market last Friday and Saturday.

Members of the public have been forced to navigate this van and have complained that it is blocking the clear pathway on that side of the Market Place. We have been asked what we as a Council are going to do about removing the obstruction.

The van belongs to one of the Market Traders and last week he was asked to move it by a Town Council employee. He refused.

This market trader is also a newly elected Town Councillor and therefore a member of Downham Market Town Council.

As the van is not obstructing the highway, the Police have no power to act.

The Town Council is in discussion with the Borough to establish whether this obstacle breaches any parking restrictions, (i.e. parking on a double yellow line).

In the meantime, the van is, once again parked in a position which obstructs. I apologise on behalf of the Town Council for the inconvenience caused by this. I also apologise to our other Market Traders for the physical barrier which discourages people from entering the Market. We are trying to resolve the issue, but our powers are limited, particularly as the Town Councillor involved refuses to follow our Town Council Code of Conduct.

Cllr Jenny Groom,

Mayor Downham Market

Mayor's Statement - Van On The Market Entrance