Mayor's Statement

Thursday, 9 December 2021

In the middle of all the concerns about the new strain of Covid and the uncertainty of what measures may or may not be put in place by central Government, we as a Community were able to enjoy the switching on of our Christmas lights on Sunday the 28th November.

This was followed on Thursday the 2nd. December by late night shopping! This was an initiative instigated by the newly formed Town Team and supported by the Town Council. Many thanks to all those shops who stayed open. I certainly took advantage of the time to start my Christmas shopping and I hope to do more Christmas shopping on Thursday the 9th. and Thursday the 16th. I also look forward to looking at all the Christmas window displays. From small beginning great things can grow...

The Council continues to work for the Community and although many plans do take time to come to fruition, the Spring in particular holds much promise. At the end of February, the Vaccination Centre will leave the Town Hall.  The Town Hall will once again, (Covid allowing), be open for business and I know that several bookings have already been taken. We have plans to establish a Community Cinema and have already started planning for this. If there is anybody out there who would like to be involved with this project, please contact the Town Clerk.

Sadly, amongst all this positivity, we still see nasty Facebook postings from a few. At best, these are ill informed at worst completely inaccurate and wrong! I do not spend my time making comments on Facebook or reading other people's Facebook postings, but I have been sent a selection of what has been posted so I am aware of what is being said.

If the aggressive energy on some Facebook pages was rechannelled into something positive what a heap of good work could be achieved! In the meantime, look to the official statements on the Town Council website or contact the Council offices if you wish to know the facts.

At a time when so many of us have been touched by the kindness and generosity of others during the awful pandemic, and the restrictions to our lives that is has resulted in, it is saddening to see that some people take such pleasure in being nasty and making mischief.

Mayor's Statement