MINUTE'S SILENCE 28.4.20 11am

Sunday, 26 April 2020

A tribute to key workers who have given their lives – a minute’s silence at 11am on Tuesday 28 April 2020

The UK has been urged by unions to observe a minute’s silence to remember the health, care, transport and other key workers who have died from coronavirus. 

The tribute takes place at 11am on 28 April. This is a call for a collective moment of respect, a moment of remembrance, thanks and reflection. Politicians, employers, people at work and the millions of people in lockdown at home, are invited to join the tribute.

The minute’s silence is being scheduled on International Workers’ Memorial Day when we ‘remember the dead and fight for the living’. This is even more important in the midst of a pandemic that has killed thousands of workers in the UK. General Secretary Dave Prentis's message is: Thousands of key staff are on the frontline while the rest of us are in lockdown. That’s why we’ve issued this call for the whole country to take part and remember the sacrifices they’ve made. The best tribute we can all pay them is to stay inside to protect the NHS. The minute’s silence is a thank you to all the workers including nurses, midwives, cleaners and care staff who’ve died from this devastating virus.

MINUTE'S SILENCE 28.4.20 11am