Live Streaming Update

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

The Council will be Live Streaming the Full Council meeting which will be due to take place on Tuesday 15 March 2022.

Upon receiving numerous emails, social media direct messages and telephone calls, 5 Councillor under Standing Order 8a gave notice to the Proper Officer, Acting Town Clerk, Graham Spark, that they wished the decision to be reviewed.

For transparency we have found an error within Standing Orders as Standing Order 8a refers to the written notice being in accordance with standing order 9.  This should say Standing Order 10 and has led to a full review of Standing Orders and this is still being worked upon.

In an attempt to quash false information which is currently circulating and in the hope that the Council can move forward in a positive manner for the electorate:

Norfolk Association of Local Council’s (NALC) has confirmed that the removal of Live Streaming did not require a vote as it was a central Government requirement due to covid restrictions so that the Public were not omitted from Council meetings.  When restrictions were removed there was no requirement for Full Council meetings to continue being Live Streamed.

NALC have confirmed that a vote could have taken place under the agenda item without a specific proposal had the agenda item said ‘To agree the next meeting’ as the matter related to the next meeting however as the agenda item said ‘To note the date of next Full Council meeting’ no decisions could be made and therefore the vote is null and void. This is a learning point for The Office and not to state ‘To note’ on agendas.

The Proper Officer has arranged for Live Streaming to continue until Council vote otherwise.

There were queries as to why the Council were paying for Live Streaming.  Unfortunately we do not have the equipment; camera, microphones; knowledge or staff to Live Stream the meetings.  The Office have however negotiated a discount with the supplier at £150 per meeting.  The nearest quote was in excess of £500 so this is a fantastic discount and we thank J R Light & Sound for working with the Council.

Live Streaming Update