Live Streaming

Monday, 28 February 2022

Following the decision of Council on 23 February 2022 not to continue live streaming there have been a number of residents contact The Office to ask for the decision to be reviewed.

The Office are doing as requested and looking at options for further consideration.

The current cost for live streaming a Full Council meeting is £200 which is not an insignificant cost.

The meetings were initially live streamed as residents were unable to attend physical meeting and as all restrictions ended last week there was no formal need to continue live streaming the meetings hence why The Office asked for direction at the meeting.

Following the requests to reconsider live streaming Council are also considering whether all Committee meetings should be live streamed as many of the decisions Council make are based on findings from other meetings.

Please bear with us whilst we research this matter further.

There will be a further update in due course.

Please note that minutes and notes of all Council meetings can be located on the Council website for residents to keep abreast of all decisions made by Council.

Live Streaming