Extraordinary Meeting of Full Council

Friday, 18 February 2022

The Office  have received a couple of queries regarding the meeting scheduled to take place on Wednesday 23 February 2022.

To clarify the process:

The Public are welcome to attend this meeting and the meeting will also be live streamed.

The Public will not be given the opportunity to speak at this meeting as the sole purpose of this meeting is to elect the Chair of the Council following the resignation of Cllr Groom who was formally The Mayor / The Chair of Council and to discuss Human Resources (HR) issues relating to staff

The Public will be asked to leave the building at the point where HR matters are discussed but will be welcomed back in when the vote takes place as to whether there will be a HR Committee and who will form the Committee.

The Public will have the opportunity to speak at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 15 March 2022 which will take place in the Grand Hall at the Town Hall.

The Public are always actively encorouged to contact The Office if they have a question which we will try to answer either immediately or within a mutually agreed timescale if further investigations are required.

Extraordinary Meeting of Full Council