Clever Clogs Nursery Closure

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

DMTC has received the sad news that Clever Clogs Nursery is closing its doors for the last time in February 2022.  This will end a long and happy association between the Council and the Nursery.

Clever Clogs has worked in the Centre for many years working on an agreement that either the Nursery or the Council could end the arrangement with little or no  notice.   Whilst giving both sides flexibility it has always meant that the Nursery has had no security of tenure.  The Council is therefore grateful that Clever Clogs has given as much notice as it has.  We are also sorry that alternative options suggested for the business to continue were not believed to be suitable.

Clever Clogs is the very last of the many community groups which used the Centre on a regular basis when the Town Council took over the management of the Centre from Norfolk Youth Service some years ago. The terms of the Town Council’s ownership of the Jubilee Community Centre are such that we have a responsibility to ensure that it is fully utilised by groups which will support young people and the community and are non profit organisations.

For some time now this valuable asset to the Community has been significantly underused and the Council has been actively looking at how this deficit can be rectified. We are working towards some exciting and significant changes.

However, when considering these upcoming changes for the Jubilee Community Centre it has meant that the Council could not divulge for commercial reasons the outcome of on-going discussions.  The Council were unfortunately unable to share with the Nursery details of the changes or offer them the reassurances that they sort.  A very difficult situation for both parties.

Considering this, representatives of the Council met with Clever Clogs to chart a way forward and several suggestions emerged. Clearly and regrettably, these did not work for the Nursery, and due to the time pressures involved, they felt the need to announce a date to close their business.

The Council wish the owners of the Nursery their absolute best wishes for their new long planned ventures they will be undertaking in the New Year.  We will be releasing details of the exciting developments for the Centre that are planned for the New Year once the commercial restrictions on disclosure have been lifted.

Clever Clogs Nursery Closure