Weekly message from the Mayor

Hello to our Downham Market community

We are into another week of lockdown and I think we are all falling into some sort of routine, however strange and different it seems.

It was great to see St Georges cross flying high today, this year flying in honour of the NHS and essential workers in our community.  Can I just take a moment to, on behalf of Downham Market Town Council, thank them all from the bottom of my heart for their selfless dedication to their various roles.

This week we have also started planning a virtual talent show.  It sounds exciting and different and I for one am looking forward to seeing the talent that is around Downham Market.  Further details of this will be available on our website and there will be regular postings on our Facebook page.

I must once again thank members of the Council who are going out of their way to help others at this time.  Cllr Lightfoot continues to sew but all her efforts would be in vain if they couldn’t get to the people who need it and Cllr Pickering has stood up to the challenge.  He has constantly been to collect donated material and then delivering the finished masks and scrub bags to whoever needs them.  I also must thank Mike Ford, he has made 600 visors for essential workers.  I am aware that there are many, many people in Downham Market who are making a difference to people in this crisis and my thanks and gratitude goes out to you all.

If indeed you are a dab hand with a sewing machine and have access to a sewing machine please contact our clerk on 01366 387770 or email her on elaine.oliver@downhammarkettc.co.uk as we could do with some more “sewing bees” to help make masks, scrub bags and anything else we may be asked to supply to the caring profession.

We have this week posted information about the Norfolk Police sunflower campaign.  They are encouraging people to put sunflowers in their windows these can be drawn, printed, knitted or any other innovative way you can think of.  The sunflowers are a way of showing your support to the blue light services workers, who are working together to help protect and support the NHS during these unprecedented times.   The Police are posting sunflower seeds through the doors of houses that are displaying sunflowers.

In my last bulletin I mentioned that, as we had been unable to hold our Annual Towns meeting, we were inviting questions from you to the council.  If there is something you would like to know or enquire about please email me via the Town Clerk on elaine.oliver@downhammarkettc.co.uk, or you can always contact us and we can phone you straight back on 01366 387770

So as another weekend looms I would urge you to keep to the Govt advice and



Becky Hayes

Downham Market Mayor